10 Building Blocks of a Business Logo Design

10 Building Blocks of a Business Logo Design

Business illustrations and brand slogans look fantastic together. The first one reveals a visual while the writing stirs the imagination. But what happens when we combine both civilly? – in a noble frame for the onlookers to see and contemplate. To be exact, we get a logo, and if we refine it more, expect an exquisite emblem.

With effortless skills and a petty “pockety” budget, things might seem pretty easy to pull off. But it’s only your delusional mind that things as such. That eye-catching badge, like a sword, struck with full-blooded strengths of a warrior, is known as a ‘logo.’ It sounds a bit frailer than the blade pounded with mighty iron-clad hammer whacks.

Yes, it’s true – the logo sounds like a Swiss knife in front of the long, sharper-than-a-hair rapier. The latter one, symbol as we call it, in a more decorative manner. And let’s not forget what made the sword softer, dipping the hell-ish hot fighter-sworn sword in water to make it more subtle. Easy to handle and stealthier to place – but its slashing is arresting (censored!).

Sorry for this long narrative that has nothing to do with our topic, but certainly, the logo concept is relevant to it. It’s more like a switchblade, like a handy dagger you can use shrewdly in dire times. Trust us, buying logo design services has what it takes to keep you and your business from harm’s way.

So, why not rescue your online business by obtaining an attention-grabbing badge? It’s like a rubber stamp that attests to your brand among the notable ones. Be not hasty with your nodding in the negative. There are several reasons to buy a professional logo for your online endeavors. Below are the building blocks to give resolve to your Rubik’s cube-esque mind:

1. Devising

First and foremost, you have to conceive the logo design in your mind. Educating yourself further is better; read about your business niche and industry. After gaining ample knowledge about your brand’s core details, it’s time to formulate your logo through the lens. Use free association to tap into your unconscious mind. Pull out the best logo concepts. Hence, bestow your business with a nice-looking face that adds to its personality.

2. Style

Once you’ve collected enough ideas and impressions for your logo manifest, it’s time to select its style. Ensure you pick the one that complements your business. Wordmarks are better for short and sweet brand names. You can also go with a more imposing lettering logo design with a monogram layout. HBO and BBC logos are excellent examples in this regard. The McDonald’s icon is in letterform, which means you can use the initial letter and fine-tune it tenderly – like chicken. Other influential logo formats include pictorials, symbols, mascots, abstracts, emblems, combos, and more.

3. Simplicity

Choose the best style that infuses your logo design idea in an ideal world. Enjoy renovating your age-old trademark with a new-fangled logo, but don’t forget humility in times of pride. Be a humble person like you were before and design a more moderate logo with a modern twist. Remember, logos catch the eye, but most importantly, they must catch the mind and heart with a forthright appearance.

4. Visual

Whatever you invent with your artistic mind should reflect your brand and be the mirror of your business. Hence, never underestimate the power of art when designing your logo. Visual appeal as we speak. Combining style and mien (face) also makes your logo more expressive. Thus, it feels like it’s talking, conveying the brand’s message more winningly, and attracting customers in contentment.

5. Color

How can we forget the most elegant emulsion you can drop on the logo? – Colors are the finest hues that can harmonize every header above harmoniously. Primary pigments are the most popular selections to keep the symbol noticeable. But secondary hues are perfect if you wish to add a more striking appeal. Have a resourceful color palette with a good array of pods filled with vibrant colors. You can also increase the vivid variety by mixing shades to invent unique tones.

6. Typography

Fonts are excellent and give logos nobility of some sort. Since typography and traditional English writings meet one another with fine streaks, expect high-class prestige. San Serif(s), Helvetica® Now, Futura, Cormorant, GT Super, and Eczar are good typesetting options. Otherwise, you can choose any font style that befits your logo immaculately with informative traces.

7. Relevance

Craft a logo in such a way that it resembles or imitates the daily human routines. Something that solaces the mind and cools the temper after a blistering work day at the office. Besides, creating a ubiquitous business symbol adds more genuineness. The sobriety, style, and overall sophistication come on the same plate.

Surely, customers fall in love with logos more than the actual business if it’s markedly relevant. The Apple logo, for instance, is the tech-savvy community’s sweetheart. So much so that people even clout an Apple logo sticker on their non-Apple phones and gadgets. Therefore, your logo must ring the bells even if it doesn’t include all the bells and whistles.

8. Unique

Go off-road with your logo design. People might recommend you to follow the trendy logo styles. But our genuine suggestion for you is not to follow the herd blindly. Be that rogue guy who has the skill to win the game out of nowhere. Thus, create a matchless logo design that looks brand new from every angle – and glance. It seems exclusively elegant and incredibly idiosyncratic. Besides, unique logos attract more clients than standard ones that easily mix in the crowd. An outstanding one always wins amid its extraordinary looks.

9. Versatile

Make sure the logo design is adaptable, flexible to redesign quickly, and multipurpose for different stunts and marketing campaigns. You can resize universal symbols, assimilate them into themes, integrate them into CTA/PPC, and add them to ads and videos. As well as experimenting with them without destroying their inherent looks and traits.

10. Timeless

Craft a logo once and enjoy it for a lifetime. Yes, you heard it right! Many examples of unfading symbols stand staunchly against time and age. Besides, enduring logos become more genuine and win the hearts of people in the fullness of time. Apple, Coca-Cola, Dell, and Sony are excellent examples.

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