How do you create 3d Logo Designs that you can Print?

How do you create 3d Logo Designs that you can Print?

Unquestionably, 3D logos have added high-spiritedness to online businesses. These three-dimensional illustrations add life to your brand and make them communicative. In simple words, 3Ds (images, videos, graphics, etc.) add emotion to your brand. Hence, you are able to connect with your customers as if they are present in the moment.

Besides, business nowadays is all about storytelling – and how you can animate it to the next level. Get this – an imaginative narrative with a breathtaking craftsperson creation can completely reverse the loss; turn the tables in your favor.

Surprisingly, we are only talking about them (3D logos) on the screens. But what about when they come to life – full-scale on the papers. You can only imagine it but cannot comprehend the hidden potential of printable 3D artworks. Hence, purchasing professional Creative logo design services online can help you obtain services with tangible inducements.

3D prints can be in many forms that can help you promote your business considerably. The best part is that these graphical assortments are the best sort to this day. 3D logos are highly scalable and adjustable for multipurpose use. You can promote your brand by using them on pamphlets, get your business books done by professional writers, and run ads on social media.

So, how can you get prints of 3D logos and their other work of art formats? You can dig the internet to find numerous solutions regarding it. But the best solution to make 3D printable logos are as below:

Step 1#

Find 3D logo ideas online

You can hire passionate people that know how to design 2D logos with some knowledge of graphics software. But how can you empower them with a go-getting motivation? Of course, a salary increment and job promotion are a must. Nonetheless, do not forget to inspire them with 3D logo concepts. You can motivate them to hit the web for a few minutes daily at the workplace. Make sure you provide them with state-of-the-art 3D applications.

In addition to providing them with the latest technologies, inspiring them is the perfect catalyst. Kindling hopes in the hearts and minds can help them become proficient in 3D logo design in a few days. Let’s do this!

Step 2#

Use only vector formats for your 3D logos

Choose your files after catching up with a vision and plenty of inspiring dreams for 3D logos. Only go with vector formats that promise many perks in return. They help you create adjustable 3D logo designs. Ditch raster images, stock pictures, and any other low-quality visuals. You can also hire a professional logo design services agency if you cannot distinguish the difference.

Besides, vector graphics are highly scalable, lightweight to your storage, and eco-friendly. You can use vector files uninterruptedly by tweaking a few changes. How amazing is that, right? Only use images with vector extensions; webp, EPS, and AI.

Step 3#

Design your incredible 3D logo using Tinkercad

Here’s one great open-source software available in the market for you. Tinkercad is a free-to-use 3D modeling application with all the bells and whistles. The best part of it is that you can use it directly from their website. Ambitious logo designers can test their skills on Tinkercad.

The software is ideal for drawing digital drawings, modeling 3D artworks, and coding other impressive illustrations. You can sign up for free, create an account to get started! And yes, do not forget to watch a few tutorials on the platform to enlighten yourself. Yes, you can also find some cool videos regarding Tinkercad on YouTube.

Step #4 (optional):

Select a personalized 3d logo color palette

Now find the black grid on the Tinker CAD's screen. You will see it with a random name already allocated. You can change the name by simply clicking on the design bar. After that, click on the ‘properties’ option. Try to be as unique as possible to make your account look more noticeable among millions of Tinkercad users. Select changes you want to tweak before clicking on ‘save.’

Step #5

Import 3D vector file formats

Now you must retrieve files from external sources to get started. For this, click on the “import” button section on the display page. Now click on “Choose File” and steer your way to selecting vector images. Ensure to reread caption no. 2 to recall the primary file extensions – webp is the most prevalent file type.

Step #6

Regulate your 3D logo’s size detail

Know that practice makes a man perfect. So, try to run a few warmup sessions for yourself. Try to become proficient in Photoshop alongside Tinkercad. But first, ensure you are using the correct resolution with adjustable size and other measuring details. Thus, a 5mm height with 20% screen scaling for the 3D logo image is perfect. Remember, if your logo design protrudes outside the canvas from its outlines – it is pointless to design one.

Step #7

Modify your 3D logo design with an excellent graphic software

Ensure you put knowledge into practice – the enlightenment you absorbed using Tinkercad tutorials on its platform and YouTube. The trackpad and even the mouse will help you zoom in and out of the image. Also, it will help you design a neat 3D logo design that you can easily print. Make sure the logo does not look messy but has a lot going on with its stunning looks within its space.

Step #8

Export files with compatible 3D logo design extensions

Now click on the design button in the menu section. Now, click on download to start downloading your file. Again, ensure you use only vector files for performing this crucial task.

Step #9

Ensure you have a 3D printer in place

You can easily arrange a 3D printer for the job since it’s not a rare machine to find these days. You can buy a new one online or purchase a second-hand one if you’re on a budget. But almost every office workspace and even your school have it. So, using them instead of emptying your pockets is a good idea indeed.

Step #10

Personify and tweak your 3D logo design with endless touches

Be an enthusiastic person when experimenting and improving your 3D logo designing skills. Also, you must move ahead with your ideas and notebook points by putting them into action. There are countless tools you can use to manifest your digital arts. Photoshop is the most popular one you can try, but it depends on your preference. Hence, choose the best one that suits your needs.

To conclude, 3D logos offer you the best catch; for making money and attracting more customers. The best thing about these is that you can print them on paper to double the effect. Imagine having your logo on paper but looking mesmerizing and splendidly contemporary. 

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