Top 7 Logo Design Features to attract Customers

Top 7 Logo Design Features to attract Customers

Designing a logo isn’t that difficult when compared to crafting one. Anyone can create one using software, but the artisan symbols are the best. Trademarks had existed since time immemorial, especially when planet earth shifted from survival grounds to trade terrains. But who knew that one day would come when innovation would break through the business barriers?

Eventually, trademarks took a toll on the latest “artistic” technologies; got divided into spectrums. Thus, it gave rise to different types from the same page. Today we have logos, symbols, emblems, illustrations, icons, artworks, and whatnot. On top of that, you can even buy a personalized logo as per your wishes, emotions, and brand expressions. It is the primary reason a custom logo design company is sought-after by entrepreneurs and companies alike. But remember, not every expert or agency can pull off an award-winning symbol. Some certain tricks and techniques make it a top-tier “present-day” trademark.

Furthermore, business marks help you claw up the marketplace if built with conviction. So, you better hire the best of the best who knows the science of contemporary trade card designs. Also, do not forget that various logo styles exist today. Be careful when you select one out of the lot. These are not your typical “choosy” fruits and fashion items. Please do not choose a logo by falling on their looks. First, know the signs and science behind your brand. See what elements and features discriminate it from the rest. You can also dig the internet into analyzing further. It will help you select the logotype that will be a superior choice.

So, what else can you do apart from going with a unique logo style? How can you convince customers that you’re the real deal? To answer this question, you must be watchful during the entire creation process. Remember, your badge must resonate with your core business theme and brand values. We recommend you hire a sound professional to design yours. Meanwhile, below are the seven most attractive features to add to a logo design:

1. Simplicity is the Key

Straightforwardness is something right off the box. It’s candid by looks and doesn’t feel odd to handle. Surely, there is something different about a symbol’s soberness. Your logo does not include all the bells and whistles but can still capture everybody’s attention.

One may ask the question: Why would people fall for a logo that looks plain simple? We all indeed long for up-to-the-minute stuff – and symbols. So, why is the simplicity trace such an evident factor? It is because the minimal form factor is on the rise. Every means and machine are becoming delicate and sophisticated. A smartphone, for instance, is a slab but performs larger-than-life tasks for us effortlessly. The logo looks unglamorous but has tremendous magnetic power to persuade customers.

2. Style is the Flair

Now! After drawing the final blueprint, you prep your logo design with a blend of crucial ingredients. Ensure that your business label looks genuine. Not like the ones that ought to steal clients’ hard-earned money. Selecting a particular logo style takes time owing to its one-time revealing in front of the general public.

Like the five key elements that are a must for any logo, its style is also a crucial agenda. Please Google ‘5 logo design elements’ if you don’t know them. You will see that these are symbolic traits not inherited by the present-day trademark. We recommend hiring a professional creative logo design maker who can nail your symbol’s artistic stance — ultimately putting your customers in a trance.

Wordmark style is great if you want to spice up your brand with a signature appeal. Google, Vans, Braun, Coca-Cola, and Oreo are popular examples in this regard. These famous brands showcase how a mere “word in style” can make a difference. Lettermarks are also pretty much the same. The best examples are Netflix, Nokia, Canon, Yahoo, and Dell.

On the other hand, trendy brands these days prefer pictorials due to their attention-grabbing visual appeal. Apple, Target, and Twitter are perfect picture-like representations. Indeed, the image-oriented ones are the most sought-after owing to their graphic format. KFC, Starbucks, BMW, Warner Bros, and Harley Davidson symbols are emblems. More logotypes include abstracts, mascots, and combination marks. At the end of the day, it’s the befitting style statement of your brand that matters.

3. Colors are its heartiness

Have a vibrant color palette by your side, in your hands. It will aid in adding harmony to the overall style of your logo design. Besides, colors are captivating no matter what; they tempt potential buyers with vibrancy upbeat over the visually heartening logo. Therefore, up to your spirits and your business symbol’s by choosing hues that add more imagination, power, and eye-catching appeal. Remember, each color signifies an emotion, trait, and Mother Nature’s propensity, so choose the ideal ‘enlightening’ ones.

4. Typography is its attestation

Adding different font styles can help your brand stand distinctively in the crowd of online companies. Besides, traditional “lettering” text in this technology-wise world bestows a surprisingly peculiar appeal. Impact, Serif(s), Garamond, Helvetica, Futura, Trajan, Eczar, and Poppins are a few prominent fonts to consider.

5. Memorability is its treasured experience

Tweak your logo with nostalgic elements that give customers the best homesickness of their lifetime. For instance, add a cup of hot tea, rain, biscuits, and books for a more “native” intuitive appeal. Do anything that amazes the onlookers and awakens in them their long-lost memories.

Therefore, add recollections of local life or something that’s globally seen as a “routine” standard. A logo that helps one reminisce about his past or a happy moment means success for you – and your logo design. Thus, try adding recollections from every world’s corner and culture. It will help you make a logo that lives up to everyone’s expectations.

6. Timeless is the Vision

Craft a symbol that stands staunchly against all odds of time and life-changing revolutions. Dell, Ford, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford, Apple, FedEx, and Mcdonald’s are brilliant “ageless” examples to this day. Indeed, they never got old but made us feel old in these odd “tech-centric” times.

7. Versatility is its subtlety to change

Create a logo that can quickly adapt to changes. In simple words, it can be used for specific purposes. Make sure you use vector graphics to make logos and ditch raster images. Vectors enable your business’s modern trademark to become resourcefully applicable with maximum capacity. You can use it for a Facebook ad, in a video, on a CTA banner, in animations, in t-shirt prints, etc.

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